1)             European Union “Civil Justice 2007-2013” Project: Building Interoperability for European Civil Proceedings on Line, starting 2010. Organised by IRSIG-CNR (see publications list for output)

  • Presented the project in light of fair trial right standards in the first project meeting;
  • I conducted two simulation case studies for the project, looking at how European Small Claims Online operated in Italy for someone suing from outside of Italy.

2)             Menu for Justice (Life Long Learning): project to develop and European syllabus for judicial training. Network of 50 partners, organised by University of Bologna and supported by IRSIG-CNR (completed 2012). (see publications list for output)

  • Task force coordinator for the “Doctoral syllabus” part (until 2011),
  • My role was to gather data on legal education and training of judges in Hungary.

 3)             Quality management in courts and in the judicial organisations in 8 Council of Europe member States - CEPEJ Studies No. 13”  Organised by CEPEJ, managed by Philip Langbroek, University of Utrecht. (see publications list for output)

  • Researched and wrote article about quality management in courts in England and Wales
  • Conducted interviews

 4)             Grotius II Quality of the Judiciary in Europe organised by La Mission de recherche Droit et Justice. (see publications list for output)

  • Conducted research and wrote about the Dutch judicial organisation 2006